Mobile app answering the question "Where is everybody going right now?"


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About the project Edit

Citysense is an innovative mobile application for real-time nightlife discovery and social navigation, answering the question, "Where is everybody going right now?" Citysense shows the overall activity level of the city, top activity hotspots, and places with unexpectedly high activity, all in real-time. Then it links to Yelp and Google to show what venues are operating at those locations. Citysense is a free demonstration of the Macrosense platform that everyone can enjoy. Currently, local discovery depends on proactive searching for relevant locations. Users are challenged to input specific location data into mobile interfaces with small screens. The application is from a startup called Sense Networks founded by MIT computer scientist Alex Pentland and Columbia computer scientist Tony Jebara back in May, 2003.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

Citysense eliminates the need to search. Instead, it evolves searching to sensing. Citysense passively "senses" the most popular places based on actual real-time activity and displays a live heat map. The application intelligently leverages the inherent wisdom of crowds without any change in existing user behavior, in order to navigate people to the hottest spots in a city. And it's not dependent on having a critical mass of users on the system.

The application learns about where each user likes to spend time – and it processes the movements of other users with similar patterns. In its next release, Citysense will not only answer "where is everyone right now" but "where is everyone like me right now." Four friends at dinner discussing where to go next will see four different live maps of hotspots and unexpected activity. Even if they're having dinner in a city they've never visited before.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

It is a mobile application that is supposed to help you figure out where the hottest clubs and night spots are so you can go there (or avoid them, depending on your preference).

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

Citysense is available in the city of San Francisco for alpha testing, and will eventually rollout to major metropolitan areas in the US and abroad.

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