Creating a space for engagement, accountability, and transparency between Canadians and their Government


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About the project Edit

Be Informed. Be Engaged. Be Represented.

What issues are being discussed in Government? What was your rep’s vote on them, and why did they vote that way? How do you feel about it? See what’s going on, and share your perspective with your elected representatives. Sign up for your free CitizenBridge Beta account today!

How it works

Understand & Review
Understand and review your elected representative’s activities and various issues that impact you and your community.

View representatives

Connect & Have your Say
Ask questions, post comments, and engage in conversations about the issues with your neighbours and elected representatives.

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Community Accountability
Elected representatives and constituents working together to create an open, transparent and engaging government that truly exemplifies a strong Democracy.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Start a dialogue
CitizenBridge connects and facilitates conversations between Canadians and their Government so we can collectively engage with the issues that impact us all.

Together, building tomorrow
By actively participating in sharing, and discussing the issues, we deepen our impact in creating a more open, transparent and accountable government.

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What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

Are you being represented?
Canadians feel their voices are not being heard in Ottawa & Representatives are challenged with a shortage of time and resources to effectively communicate with their constituents.

Our Concern

We’re concerned about the increasing apathy, mistrust, and non-involvement of Canadians in how their lives are being shaped by our country’s politics, but we’re excited about the opportunities presented by various organizations, and evolving technologies that can help to reverse this trend.

We believe that as Canadians, we must all have access and understand the issues we are facing as individuals, families, and communities, and that we can trust that our government wants to make the decisions that best serve us as a whole.

We feel that elected representatives could use additional tools to have a truly engaged community where constituents and representatives work together in a collaborative environment to make the Canadian Democracy even more impressive.

Our Mission

We understand our elected officials have barriers in directly and effectively communicating with their constituents, but we’re encouraged by their desire to put forth their best efforts in connecting with us.
We’re convinced that despite the challenges that both Canadians and officials face in truly connecting with each other, the benefits of consistently practicing open communication far outweigh the obstacles, and hence, we’re driven to bridge the gap between Canadians and our government so that together, we can build a stronger tomorrow for all of us.

Our Solution

It’s untrue that Canadians don’t care about politics. They care – they’re simply frustrated with the inaccessibility of information and/or are overwhelmed by it. That’s why we’ve created – a platform that makes it easier to navigate through relevant information regarding the legislature at all 3 levels of government, keep updated on the activities of elected officials, and begin a conversation between all of us where the issues can be resolved.

The lines of communication that have often been closed and inaccessible are now finally open allowing constituents and their elected representatives to have an open, transparent, and engaging conversation with each other about the issues that impact their community the most.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

Creating a space for engagement, accountability, and transparency between Canadians and their Government

CitizenBridge is a not-for-profit civic engagement organization creating an online platform that will allow Canadians and their elected representatives to have a conversation about the issues at the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal levels of government.

Now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to create a government that is accessible, engaging, and transparent. We believe that using the power of technology to connect constituents with their elected representatives will strengthen the overall well-being of our communities.

Built by people just like yourself

Being part of the CitizenBridge volunteer team means that you want to help transform Canadian politics into an engaging and collaborative experience. As such, we also practice what we preach and believe that team members are entitled to their opinion, even though we may not agree with them.
What matters is the process and the commitment.

We fully understand that things happen in our lives that take precedence over our volunteer responsibilities, what’s important is that we keep the lines of communications open and we only ask that you tell us should you find your CitizenBridge duties slipping.

By being an active member of the CitizenBridge volunteer team, you will quickly learn that you’re part of a project that is quite literally re-defining politics.

Just think about it for a moment…what is the last significant progress to have occurred for Canadian Democracy in the last 100 years? We like to think it is Women getting the Right to vote. CitizenBridge, and more specifically the Democracy 2.0 movement, will bring the kind of progress to Democracy that was once only a pipe dream.
Be part of it.

Join The Team!

What we are currently looking for:
1) Graphic Designer
2) Blog entry writers
3) Event volunteers
4) Gov 2.0 community ambassadors
5) Analysts
For more information, please email us at

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