Events that bring together fringe voices with established mainstream leaders.


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About the project Edit

The Cineforums are spaces for knowledge creation and exchange. They blend conference, training and film festival elements and bring together truly diverse perspectives to take a closer look at important contemporary issues. Each Cineforum is the launch of a strand of Fair Knowledge work in the field it explores. Cineforum 1 was about Muslim Women: Visibility and Leadership and promoted the critical role of Muslim women’s influence for achieving peace on a global scale. Cineforum 2 was Climate Change: The Road to Ecotopia, and bought together a diverse network of leaders and practitioners in the positive futures sector. Cineforum 3 will be on Space: Science and Society.

The Cineforums are an initiative from Fair Knowledge a knowledge creation and dissemination company, with an ethos for promoting marginalised voices in mainstream conversations, especially though media. It delivers film and media training for marginalised and minority communities and for women; creating engaging story-telling and exhibition tools for corporate clients; supporting cultural and creative entrepreneurs through both formal curriculums and informal and innovative learning programmes. The 'Cineforum' is the company's proprietory format for exhibiting diverse perspectives on important contemporary issues.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

The Cineforums distinguish themselves as events that bring together fringe voices with established mainstream leaders. Half film-festival, half conference, the Cineforum is a unique format that uses world-class documentary to inform high-quality debate on relevant issues and create classroom content.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

These events promote and nurture diverse perspectives and enable participants to create their own social and intellectual spaces based on their own aspirations and talents. Emerging entrepreneurs, inventors, filmmakers and other aspirants to mainstream success have the opportunity to meet and pitch to those with influence within corporations.

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