Chetna - Celebrate Your Pregnancy

Amit Renjan & Jagriti Kumar


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India continues to contribute about a quarter of all global maternal deaths with Assam being the highest contributor of 407 maternal death per 1,00,000 live births. Educating women about pregnancy issues, pregnancy complications, health care and raising their awareness can play a vital step in reducing maternal and child death as well provide safe and healthy motherhood.
We present Chetna-Celebrate your Pregnancy, a personalized mobile health device for pregnant women in Assam. It proposes an added service in collaboration with National Rural Health Mission (NRHM). It provides a platform to educate about antenatal care, government health schemes, pregnancy related tests and checkups, possible problems and precautions and emergency contact information. It maintains health record of mothers and updates doctors accordingly. Unique identification number is provided to each health device, which helps each pregnant women avail all government services during migration. This information is context specific and provided in Assamese language through an easy audio visual interface.

Keyur Sorathia is currently working as Assistant Professor at Department of Design, IIT Guwahati. He runs a lab called Embedded Interaction Lab (EILab), focused on designing and developing tangible user interfaces and gestural user interface for developing regions with special focus on health, agriculture and education. He is an IBM Research SUR award winner for year 2012. He has published research papers, workshops and tutorials in various international conferences.
AmitRanjan is a graduate from Department of Design, IIT Guwahati and currently working as Interaction Designer with Shoonye Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd in Bangalore. He has previously worked in Infosys among several other companies
Jagriti Kumar is a graduate from Department of Design, IIT Guwahati and currently working as Interaction Designer with Before Myntra, she worked with Clarice Technologies on various projects to design mobile applications.

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The project is an outcome of a serious concern to improve maternal health scenario in Assam, India. The idea is an outcome of in-depth ethnographic research and analysis of tea gardens and rural areas of Assam
Current Shortcomings: The project needs to be on large scale and we would like to conduct a pilot with atleast 500 pregnant women in Assam, for which we need investment and technology support to build large number of devices. The next version plans to do the same.
Future Plans: The proposed project needs support for investment to develop it on large scale and provide a platform for implementation on the field. We would also seek support for IP and patent registration. In future, creator would also seek incubation opportunities to help this product sustain and further develop.

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