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About the project Edit

By Luke Flegg:
For the last 5 years of my life I've been trying to work out what the best decision making process for humans to shape society together would look like.

The culmination of all my work is ChangeTheFuture. It's now a shared vision which no longer belongs to me - at least no more than it belongs to all the people who decided to step and make it theirs. In my mind, these inspirational people are doing what we all would greatly benefit from doing - recognizing we're not just in historically challenging times, but also a time of unprecedented opportunity. ChangeTheFuture is an open movement to cooperatively co-design the best tool in the world to facilitate humans educating themselves and each other on all the biggest (and smallest) issues that affect us all, and using this information to better inform a beautiful new decision making process together, so we can re-imagine and re-design our schools, organisations, communities, cities and country together, one proposal at a time.

So I invite you to join us in this collaborative exploration into how we can fix the ways we change things.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

There are many amazing case studies of e-democracy platforms and initiatives exploring how the web can better educate humans on our complex shared problems and empower us to co-operatively solve them together, but nothing comes anywhere close to the holistic strategy of ChangeTheFuture with its vast virtual universe and unique change-making processes that genuinely pose a viable alternative to our governments and authorities of today - this is a tool that facilitates not just more effective lobbying of representative authority, but actually presents a complete process of enabling true self-governance of our schools, organisations, cities and eventually our country and perhaps in the future, our planet.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

It addresses perhaps the biggest problem facing humans - we lack the skills, attitude and tools to solve the problems we create. If we had a way of better understanding how we could live happier and more sustainable lives and were educated, inspired and equipped to co-operatively solve these problems, we would. ChangeTheFuture seeks to help people and projects improve the ways they collaborate, so their actions can be as impactful as mighty corporations, only more insightful; working toward a world in which all life thrives, for all time.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

It's an open, democratic movement and instead of reading this sentence, you can write it.
This web platform presents nothing less than a more meaningful and empowering way for humans to connect to one another and through exploiting the collective intelligence of many millions of people with vastly different skills and insights, inform the best possible decision making for a happier more sustainable future. First rolling out in schools, organisations and smaller communities, it will expand into cities and eventually become national. All the while, it will be improved and developed by its own users (being open source) and ultimately seek to spread internationally.

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

By Luke Flegg:
In line with the project's value of Transparency (the others being Openness, Democracy & CO-operation) I will be be transparent and share my personal reason for co-founding this project, which was a combination of events in my life that I can only imagine culminated into a desire to set up ChangeTheFuture. One of the most significant for me was being lucky enough to go to one of the UK's two democratic schools (Sands School) which in my opinion, remains to be the only truly democratic process I've been a part of. Having come from a Pupil Referral Unit (where naughty kids who fall between the gaps go) it was a hugely transformative experience for me; I saw how close I was to falling off the map and getting involved in crime, having no prospects or dreams and spiralling into a dark corner of society.

This has made me recognise the value of being valued, being listened to and listening to others. It's made me understand first hand, how we only truly have a sense of belonging to something, such as our community, if we have some power to shape it - this is what ChangeTheFuture seeks to help people to do; be less passengers of education and society, and pick up the pen of authorship and start writing the chapters instead of just reading them. Especially on the pages that tell a tragic story, stories that surround us today - children being bullied until they kill themselves, humans destroying our own habitat, torturing people and feeling alone; trying to buy our happiness with products and services. ChangeTheFuture will never be for sale.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

Open, democratic, co-operative movement, funded entirely through donations from its own users (with ever more project costs being reduced through users donating their own products and services.)

Anyone who wants to nominate themselves to be part of the paid development team (working on anything from coding to marketing, running events, researching and accounting) must clock their hours and convince everyone of the value of their contribution to the project using the first module of ChangeTheFuture to be built - The Crowdsourced Workforce.


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