Challenges of Online Courses

Meeting assignment deadlines


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Some online classes don't enforce hard deadlines like traditional classrooms are known to do. Instead, they may be self-paced, where assignments are given and the student turns them in on the student's own time. For many students, this lack of a hard deadline causes them to procrastinate completion of the assignment. Many students need a teacher to remind them when an assignment is due, or else they may not complete it at all. Since projects and papers are assigned for a reason, if you don't complete the assignment, you may not reap all of the benefits that other students gain through completing the assignment on time.

Creating social contacts
One defining feature of traditional schools is that a large group of students learn in the same communal space. This physical grouping makes for a flourishing social scene where there are many opportunities to make friends and interact with other people. On the other hand, the virtual classroom may not offer this significant benefit to its students. Yes, some online schools have physical meeting spaces, and the occasional study group might get together, but the physical and social aspect that makes up a traditional school are not typically a part of taking online classes. If you find that creating new social contacts or "study buddies" is important to you, make an effort to communicate with other students in the class so you can experience an added perk with your online classes.


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Some students in online courses have trouble staying motivated when they are the ones making the call on if and when they should tune into a class. Just as assignment deadlines could become difficult to hit, motivation can become a lower priority.

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Also, with your classroom effectively being a computer, you have access to limitless distractions on the Internet. Some teachers may prefer that students tune in to class at the same time for a live session, but most online courses can be done on your own time at your own discretion.

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Some subjects are better taught in a physical environment. These classes include subjects centered on scientific experiences, like labs and physical experiments, communication workshops like public speaking, and physical movement instruction like gym or dance class.

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Classes where a physical presence is a necessity are simply best learned in a location where both students and teachers can be physically present.

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Of course, online classes can attempt to teach these classes through video instruction, but a traditional face-to-face learning environment may be a better alternative in these cases.

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