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Design and implementation of an application kit for visually impaired people using the Android SDK Platform.


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EC Ecuador


About the project Edit

Founder: Byron Javier Llerena Zambrano

Design and implementation of an application kit for android OS devices, oriented to people with visual disabilities. The project itself was divided into 4 stages, the study of the android operating system and how it could help people with visual disabilities, the application kit design, its implementation and finally a chapter on testing.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

It has been proven successfully that people with visual disabilities can place and receive phone calls from this application with a very low difficulty due to the use of gestures, vibration responses and auditory messages.

The auditory and tactile responses facilitated the use of the device once the user began to use it. The ability to get used to it grew more and more with time.

When testing with visually impaired people, it was found that the software proved to be very useful, and that sparked an interest in the users. These kind of mobile devices have not been submitted before due to the lack of software dedicated to visually impaired people.

The use of a dedicated application of color recognition has enabled people with visual impairments to gain some degree of independence when choosing their clothing.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Facilitate the use of certain kinds of electronic devices for visually impaired people.

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