Big Idea 'A world inside the world'

An architectonic project in the form of a museum


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About the project Edit

This project is called ' A world inside the world'. Its a buliding in the form of a museum, because it shows the world history without hiding it and give other human messages.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

The project ide it is called : ‘THE WORLD INSIDE WORLD’.
We think this project is unique for these reasons :

This project despite other glorious buildings built in our modern epoc, it's not only a big and beautif building, but shows the true world with its history and magic something that only a museum shows, so we can call it a wonderworld of our modern epoc.

Why a museum? Because gives the whole world history in a symbolic way by not hiding the truth and this way doesn't have only one idea but many in total 50, this shows the gigantic dimesion of this project.

Not only has the gigantic dimesion, but above all the human dimesion because it gives for every idea a message how the world could be better, to change our perception for our world.

Inspite of the fact that requires many budget, above all it requires courage to be built as this project can change the world understanding something that should be done by the world president.

This project can change the world understanding and make a revolution.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

The main social value is that shows the true world history and gives messages of great dimesion that would change many negative thing on world.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

From the announcing as a news and until the building would be the centre of every global news :

From its first day of inaguration would be visited by high instances of states.

Would change many negative things on world.

The state where would be build in, could higher his figure and the state’s economy with the lowest 100x more than he invested for building it. Why? Because the earning would come from the visitors, turist in the state, from their payement on hotels etc. Will come from may turists evrey summer interested that was is hidden for their country in this big globe, and to touch it, feel it, and watch it with their own eyes. Would come why not from investitors that want to congratulate personally for changing the world, and of course because every mews for your building is sold, and within 2 years during building the news would be of global importance, and the earnings also.

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

To change the world understanding and give how the true and good world should be the reason why this project is called 'A world inside world'.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

The outside appearance of the project building:
This project has the shape of the glob earth and to reach on the top of itto the entry door, people have to climb 7 stairs. Why 7? Because 7 is the number of the continencts world, the 7 colors of the rainbow, the 7 miracles of the world, is symbolic number, but especially because in our reality excist 7 under-realities that only passing them you can reach the door and that would make possible Dubai, of course if you decide to accept this project.
7 stairs:
1. The first stair:
This stair has the picture of a flower with its stalk in the form of heart cardiogram, a symbol of life, hidden under the earth. This stair is a passage to where the beauty and life hiddes, far away from our view, deep down things.
2. The second stair:

This stair has the picture of two factories working and releasing fume, their fumes together form a big one that reaches the 3 stair.

3. The third stair:
The fume realeased from the factories in the second stair form two guns, so deatruction. This guns are shutting and the shut climbs into the fourth scale to form something new.
4. The fourth stair:
The battle of guns shutting forms money, only a coin.
5. The fifth stair:
The coin in the fourth stair is taken by a man. The man walks on a road and begins to dissapear. This man has only material things and his spirit is empty, this make a person no longer live spiritually.
6. The sixth stair:
The 6-th stair has the picture of a balance where in the verges are the BAD and the GOOD . The BAD weighs more and the verge of balance where is standing GOOD lifts off into the seventh stair.

7. The seventh stair:
The verge of GOOD lifts off a person in white who is giving his hand to a person in black.
This is the last stair which insipres peace and tolerance, a prelud to what people are going to see and feel inside the project.

1. A white dove, his feathers lengthens as they were a white pelegrin, the traditional dress of myslims. In one of the dove’s eye is reflected Dubai and on the other the world.
The message: the myslim nation Dubai offers this global creation, as a white peace behind the religion, but a symbol of it should be emphasised because is the projected nation.

2. The four seasons in the human body
The man on his head has the SUN, on his feetand legs the SNOW and ICE, instead of his left arm FLOWERS, and on his right arm is the RAIN.
The message: The seasons so the nature changes live in the human body, and everyone who has a great spirit can feel and become one with nature.

The other ideas give messages of world history, and not only messages of human behaviors and other issues that affect the whole world, and especially the third world.


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