Citizen-based funding financed by citizens until it becomes widespread


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While waiting for the base revenue, to support the funding of “social self-employed workers” who develop future solutions facing our society’s problems through a donation platform. Too many people develop their project by taking financial risks that bring a value to many people, but who cannot be paid themselves. Often, it’s because they can ask a price for their work that is, however, very useful. If they set a price, they risk not being able to operate by donation, contribution or openness of their project and decrease the possibility of co-constructing with others.

Many are those who would be ready to fund these people, but very few of these social entrepreneurs have a place to receive donations easily or communicate their financial needs.

The idea is, therefore, to make a space available to them (initially a web platform) where contributors to citizen projects could easily receive donations and where they could communicate their financial needs.

Initially, it could even be possible to add a "citizen contributor" who isn’t comfortable communicating their needs and to be directly compensated. This would facilitate the call-to-action which isn’t obvious, the donation request still being considered charity.

REVIEW (GUI): Be careful of the term self-employed entrepreneur which can be confused with the system…

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