All the telephone books in the world

The utopian exhibit (never shown) of all the telephone books in the world


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About the project Edit

The concept is an exhibit/show in which all the telephone books from every country in the world would be put on display for free consultation. All the telephone directories would be placed in a strange library, accessible by elevator. It would be possible to determine the existence of a namesake in Pakistan or Peru, to find the address of cousins in the Magdalen Islands, etc. On their way out of the exhibit, people could walk on a giant sound hopscotch, a compositional space made up of ringtones and dial tones. The exhibit-show was to be adapted by François Schuiten et Benoît Peeters.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

Precursory to the internet, delightfully nostalgic and romantic, this openly playful exhibit was to be an ode an object doomed to be forgotten, as new technologies take its place.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

This is doubtlessly intended to be a reflection on the interconnectedness of the world and the technological advancements that have gradually come to replace paper telephone directories with online versions. An example
of this is:, an international website, an online inventory of all the telephone books in the world, updated.

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