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It is very important to track what we eat and to receive suggestions for next days what to eat. If we permanently track what we eat and always receive suggestion what to eat in the next days and what exercises we need to do to burn calories this will keep us very healthy, also a lot of money can be saved with diseases treatment and we can reduce to zero the food waste.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to build catering centers that covers all areas of a city to reduce as much as possible the transport costs and the delivery time. We can associate to build the catering centers with our money instead of paying someone who want to make a profit.

You can choose from a website/app from a suggested menu based on the food you ordered on previous days the food that is recommended for your health. You can check on a website/app statistics of all vitamins, minerals etc you eat, the statistics can be also helpful for a doctor to check when you are ill.

We can save time with food shopping and preparation, also preparing more food in a catering center is cheaper than preparing the food individually.


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