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Geeks Gone Global is not your father’s trade mission or delegation, this is something so much more awesome. We want to make real connections between people who are committed to truly changing the world and impacting the lives of others.
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Welcome to the Geeks Gone Global group!

This is a group for everyone involved in Geeks Gone Global, whether you have participated in a trip, are interested in finding out more, or want to get involved! This platform is designed to allow all interested parties to connect through discussions, forums and project sheets (a sheet outlining the leader of a project and what the project is all about) to help facilitate the growth of every social project. Those are just some of the ways this group can be used to connect to interesting people from around the world so please take a look around and see how it can help you!

Geeks Gone Global is an organization dedicated to making real connections between real people connected to social innovation. Using trips around the world to build relationships, the program is designed to connect and help anyone who wants to get involved! Check them out at

Are you a member of the Geeks Gone Global community?

  • Discuss ideas, learn about projects or share your expertise to connect with projects or other community members
  • Projects post their needs on the project sheet, or see a filterable list of all the needs here to find out how you can help
  • Peruse the members of the group to find someone with similar interests here

Are you a social entrepreneur who has participated in Geeks Gone Global or who wants to learn more about it?

  • You can create a project sheet here
  • Need help? Here are some instructions! (We promise it's easy once you get the hang of it)
  • Created your project sheet? Add your project's needs under the 'needs' tab. This will help interested community members get a better sense of what they can do to help your project succeed
  • Don't forget to add tags to your project sheet! This can be done by clicking on the 'Theme' button under 'About The Project'. Add the tags 'GGG' and the name of your specific trip ('South East Asia 2013', 'Africa 2014' etc). You can also add any other tags that are relevant to your project!
Take a look at other projects on the platform as well! We have over 1700 currently registered and the list is always growing. We hope you get inspired!