The way we view business isn't viable anymore

Last update on Sept. 18, 2013.

The way we view business isn't viable anymore

Frank Escoubès, founder of Imagination for People wrote a recent article for Huffington Post France in which he argues for a change in the way we view business. Which got me thinking about the way we choose to approach business and strategy. So here's a questions for you: If you think about a succesful business, don't you tend to see it as one which has outsmarted its competition and is now the "leader" in its sector?

I know I did. 

But is this really correct?

We have been taught to approach business in a completely erroneous way. Viewing business and competition as a zero-sum game (where one needs to out-rank the other to "win") is dangerous. It creates a system where we all lose: the consumers, the employees, the communities and even the shareholders. When all you think about is beating your rival, than you lose focus about what is most important: creating value.

Value is what drives consummers, it's what drives the economy. When we stop creating value, the system turns awry. Just think of the causes of the 2008 financial crisis.

I think this is what is so great about social entrepreneurship. It is that it brings business back to its core mission of creating value for everyone. In another article he wrote during my first week at Imagination for People, Frank declared that eventually all entrepreneurs will be social entrepreneurs [Read it in French here]. And I remember reading a few authors since who have made very similar claims. 

When I reflect about the changing economic system I have to agree, albeit for different reasons. In time, businesses will have no choice but to focus on creating value for all stakeholders. Value creation will become how we define a "succesful" business. When all entrepreneurs start to focus on creating value then I do believe the term social entrepreneurship will have become redundant. 

Click here to read Frank's original article Qu'est-ce qui cloche chez nos stratèges on Huffington Post (In French). 

Picture: Jeff Kubina

And you, how do you see the future of business?

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  1. Alive Whatever

    Alive Whatever on 08/19/2013 10:19 a.m. #

    Yeah it's is very very ridiculous it is not a redundant term already. Although any good PR person from the most blood thirsty org out there would come up with some dumb examples and say that it is already redundant. I wish I could read french. Maybe it's a good time to get into the practice of seeing how electronic translator websites are coming along?


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