News from the I4P Community - February 13th

Last update on March 11, 2013.

News from the I4P Community - February 13th

Here are some news about the I4P community. You'll find a followup on InnovAfrica, news on IP territories, our participation at a MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) and updates on IP workgroups.


Mapping in Senegal

IP Sénégal was in mapping training with Augustin of Humanitarian Open Street Map Team during the week of January 21. Founded following the earthquake in Haiti, HOT is a Washington-based NGO that has already led a meeting on this topic in InnovAfrica last November.

This week, the training will take place in Ziguinchor, Casamance. Other cities like Dakar and Saint Louis, as well as Thies, Bambey, Louga and Rufisque have also been planned. After Indonesia, Chad, Burndy, The Republic of Central Africa and Kenya, the NGO expects to develop its activities in Burkina Faso where the IP Burkina group is already very active on the subject. As for IP Senegal, the next step is the launch of JokkoFabLab thanks to two digital machines (a mill and a 3D printer) that were built in InnovAfrica.


The China Francophonie Forum will test the massive, open online training program

At the third China Francophonie Forum (3,000 Chinese living in francophone countries and francophones living in China), Imagination for People organized an online meeting that took place on January 23 with the AnimFr forum, (group animators) and the correspondents group (innovation in the countries of the South). It was on at MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), which are massive, open online courses (see the French and Chinese ads). As a result of the exchanges between the groups, we plan to organize a one-day MOOC on business models on March 20, International Day.

The 24-hours program will include: the first document that gives the basics, several online exchanges with stakeholders throughout the world and a few topics on which participants will complete a page with explanations and links in a collaborative manner. It will be a first in the world on a subject that concerns all creative social project initiators.


Third Places group: Coworking, it’s collaborative consumption!

On January 24, the groupe des Tiers Lieux Open Sources  francophones (Facebook page), a third places francophone open source group, held its second monthly online meeting on collaborative consumption. It was organized by Florent Youzan of Afriworkers, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, and led by Yoann Duriaux of OpenScoop/Au Comptoir Numérique Saint Etienne, France. The meeting began on the topic of business models in coworking spaces. Then they focused on collaborative consumption and its impact on various cultures.


AnimFR: group animators and creative knowledge

On January 16, groupe francophone des animateurs de groupe AnimFr, the francophone group of AnimFR, organized its third meeting on the creative knowledge of Nokana and Takeushi. It was led by Nathalie Menet of Prospect Ray. This method proposes a 4-step process that goes from implicit to explicit knowledge collectively: socializing, externalizing (from the basis of common representation), combining (receiving external knowledge and combining it with the knowledge of the group), internalizing (everyone translates the collective know into “their own language” and asks how it might serve them). The next meeting on February 20 will come back to the initial experience of the massive open online francophone courses with 1,300 participants including: ITYPA (Internet, everyone is there to learn) with Christine Vaufrey of Thot Cursus and Jean-Marie Gilliot of British Telecom.

In the meantime, the group collectively translated an article by Heather Marsh (self-organization between agents often working at social insects and sometimes human groups). This topic will be discussed at the group’s meeting in March.


Preparing for IP Gabon

On January 6, Cyrielle, Rony, Vincianne, Léonce-Arnaud and Aldrick met with Marika to prepare the startup of the future IP Gabon group, that was proposed at InnovAfrica. The goal is to support creative social entrepreneurs in Gabon especially in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainable development, fair trade and sustainable management of natural resources. The objective is to launch in March when part of the group currently in Senegal will be back in the country.


Create strategic documents for 1,500 people

The Adeo group that gathered 25 crafts signs in 13 countries (Leroy Merlin, Weldom, Bricoman, etc.) in December and January, uses Imagination for People’s methodology to create online documents with a large number of people. 1,573 online exchanges in seven languages (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish and Russian) to create a synthesis of eight topics that must define the group’s strategy for the next ten years.

Participants use mail or the online forum to react to and enrich the first synthesis produced by the most restricted groups in 2012. The result will be used at an international meeting organized in France with 800 store product leaders in the world this February. The test will validate the scaling up of the methodology with participation rates in accordance to those found in groups of a few hundred people.

Imagination for People is preparing a tool named Assembl that will be made available sometime during the year. It will allow exchange synthesis to be proposed to the group much more easily in order to create collective intelligence from participant contributions.


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