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Êtes-vous le futur gestionnaire de communauté d'Imagination for People? Joignez-vous à notre équipe!

Last update on Sept. 28, 2012.

Imagination for People ( is a collaborative platform dedicated to social innovation. The goal of the site is to have people collect, share, support and scale radically imaginative social projects. These projects are edgy and at the forefront: they are surprising, highly disruptive, inspiring and are considered a « first » in their sector or at a worldwide scale. We launched the beta version of our Web platform in July and it now features over 400 unique social projects. We are looking for a social media/outreach manager to share the unique possibilities of our platform to the largest audience ...

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Ouvrir le « code source » de la plateforme, un choix qui dépasse les enjeux techniques

Last update on July 4, 2013.

Beyond the simple presentation of projects, the platform wants to better document each initiative in order to enable and encourage the replication of these projects. Therefore, it is a question of promoting the publication of "source codes" or "resources" for these social innovative projects, by using the principles and values ​​that the free software movement has developed. However, these principles and values ​​are not enough. What the world of social innovation needs is complex tools to promote the distribution, ownership and development of new ideas: to "fork" a project (by duplicating it), create "patches" (improving the project), write specifications (documenting ...

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Imagination for People prend le cap de l’Inde!

Last update on Sept. 28, 2012.

After Africa, Imagination for People (IP) is heading to the Indian sub-continent and to another particularly entrepreneurial community! We have chosen to associate with an Indian partner, perfectly in tune with the creative effervescence of this vast country - the Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), a non-profit organization based in Delhi, founded by Osama Manzar, is dedicated to social innovation ... through digital technology. The DEF platform has approximately 2500 digital projects, which have had a major social impact and a community working towards common good for approximately 10 years. Its founder and leader, Osama, has just released his 4th book entitled ...

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Lauréat du prix Creenso

Last update on Sept. 28, 2012.

ImaginationforPeople is the recipient of the Creenso award, a national award handed out to the creator of a social business, organized by the IÉSEG NETWORK association and the IMMOCHAN foundation for social enterprise. Sylvain, Guillaume and Simon met on November 14 at Campus IESEG de Paris to take part in the announcement of 3 distinguished projects. This announcement will be carried out by Claude ALPHANDHERY (president of labo de l’ESS, and president of Honneur de France Active and Avise) and Benoît LHEUREUX (President of the IMMOCHAN foundation).

ImaginationforPeople est lauréat du prix Creenso, prix national du ...

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