Fringe Projects #4: Social innovation helping people feel good

Last update on 02 Δεκεμβρίου 2013.

Fringe Projects #4: Social innovation helping people feel good

As the winter holiday season approaches, I thought it might be nice to share some of the best feel-good projects that we have found in social innovation. Our criteria were loose – any project that aims to improve the spirits of others was eligible. And sure enough, social innovators did not disappoint!


Makeup in hospitals


Cosmetic Executive Women is an association that began in France in 1986. It gathered 270 women who work in the beauty industry and began offering beauty care to women who have been hospitalized. Cosmetic manufacturers donate products and women are selected based on patient needs. The underlying idea is that – for women for whom makeup makes them feel good about themselves – bringing beauticians to hospitals can help improve psychological well being. Take a look at their project sheet and learn more here.


Instruments made of trash?


Another great project that I found is Landfill Harmonic, an orchestra of children with instruments created from trash. In many instances, the project has helped children find a purpose in life and in some cases has helped bring families back together. The project is best described in the following video but be sure to check out their project sheet here!



Tattoos for breast cancer


And finally, take a look at this video about using tattoo art to help women cope with breast cancer scars. Personal Ink is an organization that helps women deal with their mastectomy scars by turning them into art. What do you think of these projects? Have you heard of any feel good projects or organizations? Let us know in the comments below or add them to the platform!




Fringe Projects is a blog series we are starting at I4P. Check in every other Wednesday to learn about some controversial, inspiring or wildly imaginative projects from around the world! 

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