Harnessing the power of internet to create something good

Last update on 04 Ιουλίου 2013.

Harnessing the power of internet to create something good

I've always been fascinated by the paradox of social platforms such as facebook. On the one side, it allows us to be better connected, on the other it does have the nasty tendency of pulling us apart rather than together. It's such a shame when it could be such a powerful force for just the opposite. But this tendency is starting to slow down, or so I think. The rise of great initiatives such as MOOCs (Massive Online Open Classrooms) shows just how great the potential to make meaningful connections and exchanges can arise from a social internet. 

Now, I'm just hoping to be right with my prediction.

Then again, I know no better way of making sure one is right than to make it happen... Ok, yes, I'm writing this with a tiny bit of bias. But it's because I have something to tell you about, something I think is totally awesome and I want you to be part of it. 

Here at I4P, we're not a social media, but we do try to allow people from around to world to connect in the hope that together, they shall be able to create something good. We want you to use the internet to create meaningful connections through which everyone of you can work to bring us just one step closer to the world we want to live in.

There are many ways we try to do this. We first want to inspire you by showing imaginative projects from around the world. But we also want to empower you. To make it simple to contribute how little or big to projects you believe in. And we want to give small-scale grassroots projects all the resources they need to succeed. And so this why we’ve built an online tool to help you connect with other people dreaming of a better world and with projects which need your help (sometimes a little help can go a long way) to grow and have an impact. The desire to use imagination for social good is what brings all of you together.

Of course, you’ve probably heard of crowdfunding already. But isn’t there other ways you’d like to contribute to a project?

We have therefore launched a tool through which a project’s members can ask for help (volunteering, equipment, venues, employees, and so on). Depending on your time, resources and competencies, you can offer your help to projects that inspire you. When you find a project you really like, you can also spontaneously offer your help! We wanted you to test it as soon as possible so you could tell us what you think about it, how you like it and help us improve.

And so, (this is me getting back to talking about the internet) what’s amazing with the social internet is that we can now connect an individual in Canada with a project at home or one being developed in India. Whatever the distance, they can work together to solve some of the world’s most urging crises or to develop a new product which will help the everyday life of people.

Maybe getting people to work together is what internet was made for?

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