Project Sheet Guide

This page will allow you to create an appealing project sheet. To learn about the writing rules and additional tips, please click here.


Here are the steps to creating an appealing project sheet:


1. Language

The first essential step to creating a project sheet. Double check that the language corresponds to the one you want to use. A dropdown menu will appear when you want to change the language of the project sheet.

2. Title and sub-title

For maximum impact, be concise and choose your words well. The title must be the project name and the sub-title should be general and give a brief description (about a dozen words maximum).

3. Status

Indicating the project status will help inform the community as to the project’s advancement including: concept (idea), start-up, in development or advanced.

4. Location of the organization

The office location helps people better understand the organization’s environment (cultural, social, economic, etc.). Don’t forget to provide the address and country. If the intervening country and the organization’s office are in different countries, then favour the location where the organization’s actions are concentrated. If there are several intervening countries, indicate the country where the office is located and describe the intervening countries in the questions linked to the project sheet (see section 8).

5. Website

Adding the website is very important because it creates a link between the project sheet and the organization’s main means of communication. Giving the community access to other kinds of information will help the it better understand the project.

6. Media

The media zone will allow you to make audio and video accessible to the community. Projects without images (or that only have video) are clearly less appealing.

7. About the project

Try to summarize the project and its innovative character in a few sentences. The “About the project” section serves as the real introduction and will incite the community to delve into the project sheet description. Questions that follow will allow you to develop the project in detail as you wish.

8. Questions

We suggest five questions that will help you to structure relative project information. Answer them accurately to explain the project’s specificities in detail.

9. References

Articles written on the project in question can be linked to this section. This provides the community an additional space to better understand the project and its relevance.

10. Thematic topics (objectives and tags)

The challenge in this section is to be more descriptive without using too many keywords.

11. Team

This section concerns you if you are a team member. By filling out this field, the community can identify you, access your profile and contact you directly using the internal messaging platform. Several members can be assigned to the same sheet. You can also be a member of several projects.

12. Partners

You can give your project much more credibility by showing who your partners are. The more you share information, the better vision the community will have of the project. This will make them more likely to exchange with you and pass the message on.

13. Signing up

Signing up is really easy. You can create an I4P account through your Facebook, Twitter or OpenID accounts to our platform. Otherwise, simply complete the few required fields which will only take 2 minutes.


Hey, you are ready! Create your own project sheet here!