Business Model

Imagination for People is a non-profit organization that is developing online tools to foster activities for the betterment of society. Based out of Montréal and France, I4P is supported by a small team that manages the web platform through server maintenance, development of new features, moderating content, organizing events and more to help social innovators and the community of people who use Imagination for People’s tools.


The platform is under a Creative Commons License and has an API. It also operates under an AGPL license and its source code is available on Github.


The tools that I4P has created are financed by the activities of a for-profit organization called Clouds Collectives that is also based in France and Quebec. Clouds Collective is owned by the non-profit organization Imagination for People in France.


The three sources of revenue that Clouds Collectives generates stem from the following activities:

  1. Consulting services: strategy, social innovation and web consulting services for companies and local authorities.
  2. Sale of the collective intelligence software Assembl. Clouds Collective is an open source software services provider to social enterprises through Assembl.
  3. Creation of a financial marketplace (coming in 2014). Subscriptions will be sold to banks for the option to participate in the beta phase of the project. Subscriptions will be opening to users in the coming year.