Every week, discover a new innovative project

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Every week, discover a new innovative project

Want to know what are some of the most globally ambitious projects right now? Yeah, we like that too! This is why every week, we will be featuring some of the most exciting projects on our platform. These projects were added by a member of the project's team to showcase their work, to help inspire others and to create a new relationship with a community of world citizens sharing their interest for social innovation. They might have also been added by a member of the community who thought the project deserved being shared. In all cases, we are impressed by all the hard work that went behind these projects.

We are therefore launching a new campaign called on the fringe or #onthefringe for the twitter followers. Our aim? To give that extra visibility to those projects which we consider to be the most inspiring or the most innovative. Know a truly inspirational project? Add it to the platform. Our team is always excited to discover new and innovative ideas. 

What's next?

Head to twitter and facebook to discover these projects biweekly. 

Tell us what you think about these projects. How can they have a greater impact? Anything you would improve? How? We want to know your thoughts! Help us help them grow. 

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