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Letzte Aktualisierung am 4. Juli 2013.

Here are some links about innovative mapping that we found interesting. Click on that widget to see more and feel to add new content to the topic.


  • RESEARCH | Future of Real-Time Report – Global Pulse
    • “Prepared for the United Nations Global Pulse team, the Future of Real-Time Report identifies key trends emerging around the capture and transmission of real-time information streams.” Le rapport recense les grandes tendances en traitement en temps réel de grandes quantités de données. Plusieurs projets relatifs à la géolocalisation et à la cartographie sociale et humanitaire y sont répertoriés.
  • Map Kibera
    • Mapping a Nairobi slum.
  • MapStory : MapStory
    • MapStory, as a compliment to Wikipedia, is a new dimension to the global data commons that empowers a global user community to organize all knowledge about the world spatially and temporally. Perhaps more important, MapStory is an infrastructure for enabling “MapStorytelling” as a means of communicating important issues to a global audience. The goal is to enable any student, teacher or practitioner on Earth to tap the power of this new mode of conveying one’s stories, arrayed across geography and as they unfold over time.
  • Verifying Crowdsourced Data: Case Studies
    • Paper by Patrick Meier on how to verify crowdsourced social media data in crisis situation.


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