The Imagination for People project


Imagination for People is building an international community of citizens who believe in the power of creativity to find solutions to the world’s most complicated issues.

The tools I4P has developed fall under the two fundamental goals of Imagination for People:

1) to empower social innovators through project support

2) to empower engaged communities through collective intelligence


1.  I4P helps social innovators develop their projects by:

  • Finding and sharing projects from all over the world to showcase the scope of citizen imagination. Projects started by citizens or entrepreneurs, government agencies or visionary companies are all welcome (the 3 “P’s” that Imagination for People represents: People, Public, Private)
  • Supporting promoters of social change by providing a space for crowdsourcing of resources and tools: skills, equipment, community support, information, contacts etc.
  • Helping social innovators to formalize their business models through a pedagogical tool called My Social Business Model, MySBM
  • Connecting social innovators with public and private institutions through a financial marketplace (coming in 2014)


2. Help ideas emerge through collective intelligence that will help bring new solutions to societal issues:

  • Offering theme or location based groups as well as tools for group animation
  • Developing software and an accompanying methodology called Assembl that will allow hundreds to thousands of people to co-produce a single document


Take a look at this video to learn more about Imagination for People