Project FAQs

What kind of projects are we looking for?

Imagination for People is all about citizen imagination. Our projects cover a variety of issues—educational platforms, smart cities, green transportation, co-regulated economic development, useful arts, dynamics of harmonious city life, healthcare access, socially responsible business models, etc.
All projects have to meet 3 criteria. They must:

  1. create a positive impact;
  2. demonstrate a level of creativity that is considered disruptive;
  3. be potentially scaled and deployed in other cities or countries;

To add a project you want to launch or a project you know about on the platform, you just have to answer 3 questions found in the project sheet form.

What does “project status” mean?

We wanted to facilitate communication between people developing projects and the IP community, so we thought it would be useful for project initiators to indicate the stage of development of their project. There are four stages to choose from:

  • Concept: The project is still an idea or a concept on paper (before anything has been launched)
  • Start-up: The project has officially been launched and is just getting off the ground (pilot tests, prototypes, etc.)
  • Development/Growth: The project is beginning to expand and grow.
  • Maturity: The project has met its main objectives.

I’ve already entered my project in the alpha version of IP. Do I need to submit it again in this beta version?

It’s already been done for you. We’ve transferred all the projects from the alpha site to our beta site. All you have to do is identify yourself in the “Project Founders” section so that the IP community can connect with you.

My project has already been recorded on the IP platform. How do I identify myself?

Since the platform is designed as a wiki, the project sheets do not “belong” to anyone. They can be edited at anytime. Even if you didn’t write the project sheet about your own project (it’s actually flattering—someone else saw your project as an inspiring endeavour), you can identify yourself as the originator by filling out the section “Project Founders” in the project sheet form. It will then be possible for you to add a lot more information on the project since you know more about it than anyone else.

What can I do to make sure my projects get on the “our selection” list and receive the corresponding icon?

For the time being, “our selection” projects have been prioritized by the extended IP team. We highlighted projects that surprise and captivate us, projects that are really the first of their kind in their field. The project sheets also have to be complete (see “What’s the difference between a completed sheet and a sheet that is ‘in progress’ “).

In the next few months, we’ll implement a system allowing the IP community to emphasize projects in the “our selection” section.

What’s the difference between a completed sheet and a sheet that is “in progress”?

A project sheet is filed in “Completed Sheets” when the main fields of the form have been filled out, namely the project title, the “About” section and the 3 questions.
You also have to add a reference (like on Wikipedia) and a royalty-free image.
“In progress” project sheets are sheets that still need a little more work or sheets that don’t have a reference or royalty-free image. In this case, we invite you to add to the content to change the sheet status from “in progress” to “completed”.