How can I help a project?

Do you want to support initiatives that find solutions to social and environmental challenges? You can in just a few minutes! Here’s how:


1. Respond to a project’s needs: The project’s community has a need for skills, funding, equipment or participation that can be found under the Needs tab. Find the projects that speak to you and respond to their requests!

2. Offer your help: You can offer your help directly to a project that you like even if they haven’t asked for any. Offer your help on the spot by going to the Needs tab under a project that has a project leader.

3. Participate in discussions about a project: The Discussions tab helps you to exchange and share knowledge and experiences with a project’s community. Ask questions or provides answers around an initiative.

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How can this project sheet help me develop my own project?

Imagination for People brings together an international community of citizens interested in social and environmental projects. Once your project sheet has been created, the community can interact with you and help with needs of all kinds. Your project can benefit from the community's contributions, networking or relevant support.


1. Communicate your needs: Go to the Needs tab under your project to ask for the community’s help (material, financial, skills, etc.). The project sheet allows you to connect to a community that wants to help you and share its expertise.

2. Take advantage of the community’s spontaneous help: The project sheet enables people who like your project to help you directly in a spontaneous manner. Go to the Needs tab under your project to see if a member of the community is ready to support you.

3. Get the community’s expertise: You can facilitate exchanges of all kinds through the Discussions tab under the project sheet. Ask your questions and benefit from the wealth of the community’s information, knowledge and experiences.


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