Imagination for People FAQs

How can I participate on the platform? How do I write a project sheet? How can I use the site’s content? How do I contact the community?

These FAQ’s should answer your basic questions about Imagination for People and help you really contribute to this new platform on citizen imagination.
Still not sure? Don’t hesitate to contact us by email at or with the feedback tool on the right side of this page.


Contributing to Imagination for People

Can I contribute?

Yes, of course! That’s the goal! Imagination for People is a wiki-type platform, so it’s definitely a space dedicated to collaboration.

EXPLORE! Want to be inspired?
Check out the projects!
Comment on projects and talk with project initiators!
Add project information that you know about or upload photos to highlight them!

DESCRIBE PROJECTS! Do you know of any innovative projects? Are you the initiator of an innovative project?
Describe projects that inspire you and contribute to the first online encyclopedia on social innovation.
Describe your social innovation project. You could then call upon the Imagination for People community for help.

SHARE! Interested by a particular subject?
Take part in the various groups that are working on specific subjects and collaborating on
producing project sheets and resources.


Imagination for People project

Who is behind the Imagination for People project?

For information about the IP team, project objectives, our business model or our structure, go to About Imagination for People.


Using content

Can I re-use the content published on Imagination for People?

Unless otherwise explicitly mentioned, all text about the Imagination for People project is available for re-use according to CC-by-SA 3.0 licencing rules. Images on the site can be made available under various licences (free or not). 
Click here for details on Terms of Use.

What is the best way to refer another site to Imagination for People?

It’s best to direct people to our home page so that they can quickly get a clear idea of everything the site has to offer which will – hopefully – engage them and encourage them to participate.


Connecting to the site

I can’t seem to log on. What should I do?

Contact us at



• By emailing
• By going to the XMPP chatroom at that is also available through